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Hello! It's me!

Welcome to Info Sharing Place!
I'm theTrueMayhemIT, nice to meet you!  
I'm a Former Carder and Manager about illegal telegram groups.
I created this site to share info about Telegram Users that I met during my activity
Every day I will upload a new user and new info! 
Stay tuned!

#1 Share

I'm the admin of these following sites  
- CryptBB forum - http://cryptbb2gezhohku.onion.rip  
- Italian Business forum - http://italiabizstquuqn.onion.rip  
- Jabber Service - polizia.club 
I'm 29, I live in Italy and I work as a network admin for a company. I'm also a malware programmer and I'm the admin of CryptBB. I'm also a member of @DeepWebITA Telegram Group 
See you on Telegram. 



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